See how easy the Birdy folds

Birdy History

Creation of the BIRDY

Markus Riese had the basic idea for BIRDY in 1992. It was to be a full suspension folding bike, where the pivot point of the suspension was to also serve as the folding joint. The first prototype was quickly welded together out of two old bikes, and showed the true potential of the concept.

A year later, Heiko Mueller read about the "Innovation Prize of Hessen". In only 10 days and just as many nightshifts, Markus Riese and Heiko Mueller built a presentable prototype out of aluminium and won a special prize. With this first success and an improvised presentation stand, riese and mueller presented themselves to the bike manufacturing world. The prototype Birdy was shown at the two most important bicycle trade shows in Europe, Intercycle in Cologne and Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, and was an instant sensation.
with a click you can download the Birdy owners manual


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